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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Find weaknesses in your internal and external facing systems before someone does...

Why is Penetration Testing important?

Also called ethical hacking, white-hat hacking or pen testing, Penetration Testing is simply a security assessment highlighting any vulnerabilities and giving you confidence in your digital security.

Some of the reasons for considering pen testing are:

  • Risk Assessment – How much would the cost of a system failure or data loss impact your business? Would you be able to operate without the? An assessment like this will highlight risk areas and allow you to address them before they become an issue.
  • Compliance – Failing to comply with certain laws and regulations could cost your business a lage fine and/or even in some cases prison time. On the other side of it, compliance is a great tool to give you an advantage over competitors that are not as complant as you when it comes to customer data.
  • Reputation – This probably has the most expensive impact to a company that has been hacked. Cyber criminals like to publisise what they have done and just depending on the nature of your business it could result in complete business loss.
  • Competition – Losing data is disastrous for any business but could be made even worse if it ended up in the hands of your competitors. Although your competitors would not ever consider hacing your systems but if you valuable data becomes available in the public domain it is likely they would make use of it.

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    Around 80% of cyber-attacks could be prevented

    Cyber Essentials is a United Kingdom government information assurance scheme that is operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It encourages organisations to adopt good practices in information security. Cyber Essentials also includes an assurance framework and a simple set of security controls to protect information from threats coming from the internet.

    Network Penetration Testing
    Wireless Penetration Testing
    Web Application/Service Penetration Testing
    IoT Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing FAQ’s

    Why do organisations get a Pen Test?

    This varies from organisation to organisation. However, the most frequent reason given to us by clients is “Is our customer data safe?”. The other factor that many companies choose to do this is to protect their reputation should they ever get compromised.

    How long does an assessment take?

    This is totally dependant on your needs, the size of your organisation and the complexity of your setup.

    How often should we conduct a pen test?

    Pen testing should be scheduled and carried out regulalryPen testing is based on the required time to complete the task.

    Speak to a specialist about Cyber Essentials, have the confidence to know your business is safe and the advantage over your competitors.