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Managed Leased Line

Managed Leased Line

The IT Support Group provides leased line connectivity, using ultra-fast fibre technology. Our lease line options are managed, monitored and tailored to ensure reliability, speed and resilience.

The IT Support Group provides ultra-fast fibre leased line connectivity for your business. Both voice (SIP) and data are transmitted through a reliable, high-speed internet connectivity service and so this solution can deliver both data and telephony connections.

Our leased line solution is fully managed, meaning you can rely on a resilient and speedy service, reaching gigabit speeds (over 1,000 Mbits).  We will oversee the connection, monitoring its usage and advising on any potential issues or improvements.

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A leased line provides a private, dedicated internet connection with super-fast speeds that don’t drop at peak times.  The bandwidth is dedicated to you and your team, meeting your upload and download expectations 24/7 and ensuring a professional online presence for your customers.

A managed leased line can provide cost-effective and reliable service. Our consultants will design a bespoke solution to meet your communication, collaboration and data management requirements in all respects and confirm that a leased line will deliver effectively for you and your team. Whatever you need – our recommendation will be bespoke, tailored to suit your business.


Reliable and fast internet connectivity is a critical resource for contemporary business. Networks that support key sites and remote working can also provide internet and VOIP and offer practical and cost advantages.

FTTP and FTTC Connectivity

A fibre offers reliable, high-speed connectivity to the cloud. With FTTP the fibre is connected directly to your premises, with FTTC a fibre connection will come close and then the final link will be via a copper cable.

Hosted VOIP

Our hosted VoIP solution delivers a complete phone service, using internet technologies.  This takes away the need for servers and hardware on your site but offers all the capability and cost advantages of VOIP.

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The foundation of our service is the pride we take in building client relationships. We build trust and confidence by tailoring advice to customer’s very specific needs and through transparent communication. 

Fully Managed Connectivity

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