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IT Environment Monitoring

IT Environment Monitoring and review

Automated monitoring 24/7 keeps you informed and operational

A watchful eye will real-time monitor your IT environment

As part of our IT Support Service, we provide environment monitoring and review services. The team at the IT Support Group will map your IT infrastructure and equipment. Then we’ll keep a careful eye on how the system is performing. Our aim is to spot issues before they become a problem. This will keep your internet up and running, all devices functioning well and connected to your network.

Alerting you to any issues, ensures that you can maintain uptime and keep your business on track

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Environment Reports

At any point that you wish to, you can review transparent, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information in a specialist report which includes:

  • High level view of your systems with a simple status indicator by a traffic light system
  • Detailed roadmap of security recommendations, business efficiency improvements and risks
  • Clear list of your service subscriptions, renewal dates and updates
  • Analysis of your supported devices, warranty details and usage
  • Cyber security report, highlighting risks and identifying required actions
  • Microsoft 365 update on license usage, mailbox statuses and all aspects of your MS environment.

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Environment Review

A full environment review includes analysis and testing of:

  • Servers
  • Windows PCs, Macs and mobile devices
  • Your Network and infrastructure
  • Security and privacy policies and procedures
  • Applications and licensing
  • Hosting and internet access
  • Disaster recovery policy
  • Telephone systems
  • Your internal IT resource
  • Third party suppliers

An annual IT Environment Review makes serious business sense

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Environment Reporting

The IT Support Group provide a comprehensive real-time monitoring system that reviews the status of all of your IT systems. This can include the business technology in site and all your IT equipment being used by remote workers on satellite sites or working from home. This unique service can be provided to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It can also be provided as and when you need to view the latest status of your IT systems.

The depth of reporting is unrivalled and our clients regularly tell us how valuable and powerful the information is. This provides both a peace of mind and structured plans for maintenance and development.

Environment Reviews

An IT Environment Monitoring includes a review and is the opportunity to take stock of every aspect of your IT and infrastructure. The IT Support Group will check that your systems and processes are robust and meet legal and data protection requirements. We will also identify areas where the technology could be improved. This would be to support your business better or indeed where it currently presents a risk. Following an environment review your report will provide you with action points for improvement. From here you can prioritise activity to ensure that your IT strategy is in line with your business goals. This will help drive your business forward.