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Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity and Support

Reliable and fast internet connectivity is a critical resource for contemporary business. Networks that support key sites and remote working can also provide internet and VOIP, and offer practical and cost advantages for your business.

Your network can be designed in a way that truly works for you

The IT Support Group provides ultra-fast fibre network FTTP internet connectivity (Fibre to the premises). This is also accompanied with leased line options, FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), and the more traditional ADSL solution. ADSL uses telephone lines rather than fibre-based technology. 

Internet connectivity is crucial and we are here to supply whatever you need. Whether you need a VPN, (virtual private network) or a telephony solution such as VOIP, we can help. You may perhaps just need a reliable internet solution for remote workers. Our IT experts will guide you in the right direction and provide the right solution.

The Options of Internet Connectivity

Trawling through the many options can be time-consuming. We know from our customers’ feedback, that they value our support. We’re not set on promoting any one particular form of connectivity, but will provide what is right for your infrastructure. The IT Support Group doesn’t work on commission from suppliers. Our motivation is based purely on finding the right resource for you.

We can help with all your networking, connectivity and communication requirements. We can also provide speed, reliability and data security designed specifically to suit your individual needs and budget.

Get connected and stay connected.

Managed Lease Line

The IT Support Group provides leased line connectivity, using ultra-fast fibre technology.

Managed, monitored and tailored to ensure reliability, speed and resilience.

FTTP and FTTC Connectivity

A fibre offers reliable, high-speed connectivity to the cloud. With FTTP the fibre is connected directly to your premises, with FTTC a fibre connection will come close and then the final link will be via a copper cable.

Hosted VOIP

Our hosted VoIP solution delivers a complete phone service, using internet technologies.  This takes away the need for servers and hardware on your site but offers all the capability and cost advantages of VOIP.

Our business is technology, our service is personal

We pride ourselves on the client relationships we develop. By tailoring advice to customer’s very specific needs and through transparent communication, we build trust and confidence.  This is the foundation of our service.