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Hardware and Software

IT Procurement

Intelligent IT procurement to support your business development objectives and enhance the performance of your IT systems

At the IT Support Group, our focus is on ensuring you get the most out of your IT investment. However, it is sometimes necessary to replace dated software and devices. This is to ensure the integrity of your IT systems in supporting your business growth.

When required, we can supply IT hardware and software and take the effort out of identifying the right equipment and resources. Our team can source, procure and supply a full range of IT and communication tools, systems, services and solutions. We even help when it is time to dispose of any equipment, arranging collection and recycling on your behalf.

An intelligent IT Asset management strategy saves you time and money and reduces the risk of downtime due to IT problems. All our support customers benefit from our unique system designed to capture all their IT asset details and report details back to them in real time. This includes makes, models, purchased dates, warranty, configuration, licensing and much more.

Purchasing Power

The IT Support Group’s purchasing power assures you of the best-cost solutions. We are highly knowledgeable in the technology sector and have access to providers we trust. Therefore, this means the quality of all products and services we purchase on your behalf is guaranteed.

It matters to us that we understand our customers’ ambitions and goals. We will take into consideration not just your practical needs but your current infrastructure. We will also factor in your future plans. This means that our suggestions will be tailored to suit your business and focused on your success.

All hardware, software and licenses can all be purchased through us and in most cases will be cheaper. We will then configure and set up any installations.


Computers – Desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, Macs, iPads
Printers, keyboards and peripherals

Monitors, servers, backup and storage solutions

Communications – telephone systems, VoIP handsets and accessories


Operating systems and server applications

security solutions, anti-virus and anti-spam

Business continuity and data backup protection

Networking – cloud, wired and wireless, switches, routers, managed leased lines and broadband

MS 365 Licensing

Business suites including MS Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

We also advise and support on MS Azure Cloud services and on Google G suite along with other business products and apps that help keep your business performing well.

upgrades and replacements and advise you when new technologies may support your growth.