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FTTP & FTTC Connectivity

FTTP & FTTC Connectivity

Fibre offers reliable, high-speed connectivity to the cloud. With FTTP the fibre is connected directly to your premises, with FTTC a fibre connection will come close and then the final link will be via a copper cable.

We provide a range of ultra-fast fibre network services. These include FTTP connectivity (Fibre to the premises), FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), as well as leased line options. We can also provide amore traditional ADSL solution.


Fibre to the Premises utilises fibre optic cable linking a user to the internet service provider (ISP). The fibre connection extends from the local exchange directly into your business with no last leg being supplied via copper cables.  This results in ultra-fast broadband which can carry data, video and voice at speeds of 100Mpbs and above. The signal travels as a pulse of light which does not deteriorate over distance.  The result is reliable connectivity with consistent performance.


Fibre to the Cabinet also uses fibre optic cable, but instead of coming into your premises, it comes as close as possible, to a local shared cabinet.  The distance between the cabinet and your premises then utilises a PSTN line (a copper cable) to bridge the gap from the cabinet to your premises.

The cost, speed and reliability of these options vary and so it is extremely important to assess your needs comprehensively and propose the solution that meets your requirements.  Both FTTC and FTTP are robust and dependable connectivity solutions providing speed, reliability and data security. Our experienced and technically knowledgeable consultants can help assess your connectivity and communication requirements, and recommend a solution designed specifically to suit your individual needs and budget.

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Managed Lease Line

The IT Support Group provides leased line connectivity, using ultra-fast fibre technology.

Managed, monitored and tailored to ensure reliability, speed and resilience.


Reliable and fast internet connectivity is a critical resource for contemporary business. Networks that support key sites and remote working can also provide internet and VOIP and offer practical and cost advantages.

Hosted VOIP Our hosted VoIP solution delivers a complete phone service, using internet technologies.  This takes away the need for servers and hardware on your site but offers all the capability and cost advantages of VOIP.

Fully Managed Connectivity

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