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Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Testing

The IT Support Group can help you be prepared for a disaster and have a Disaster Recovery Testing process in pace to ensure a swift recovery. Our expert consultants will help you undertake a recovery test and plan your disaster recovery process.

Why do you need a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery testing simulates the range of critical impacts on your operation. It then responds with tools, policies and procedures to protect your organisation. This also protects your IT infrastructure from a natural or human-induced disaster. We all hope that things will never go wrong – but hoping is not enough to keep your business running.

A gap analysis will allow trained disaster recovery testing specialists to do their work. They’ll review your company’s current processes and provide guidance on where improvements should be made. We can undertake a risk assessment and help you identify the core critical areas – those that keep all aspects of your operation on the road.

Once a disaster recovery plan is in place, regular testing of each step, is essential. Our disaster recovery testing process will activate the DR drill. It will appraise the response and report back on the effectiveness of systems, tools, and procedures. These ensure that all is working correctly to protect your organisation from a natural or malicious calamity.

Be Prepared
Recovery testing will help you understand the process you need to go through to get back up and running. This will help avoid operational, financial and reputational impact and will minimise your down time.

Recover Fast
Whatever technology may be impacted – servers, data, email, computers, laptops, phones and digital systems – the impact can be critical.  Our support team can help you put a plan in pace to speedily find the source of the problem and to quickly recover your critical software, applications and data.

Protect your IT systems and secure your business’ future

How We Can Help

The IT Support Group can help your business build resilience.  Whether you have an existing plan that needs review or perhaps you need to start from scratch, our expert consultants will make the process painless and successful.