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Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

Simply put, cyber security is the solution to protecting your data and devices such as computers and tablets from unauthorised breaches.

Like most of us, you store a large amount of personal data on your devices. You also use your devices to browse the internet and access online services. It is of utmost importance to protect yourself, your organisations as well as other people’s data you hold. To learn more about the importance of Cyber Security, do take a look at the National Cyber Security Centre’s site for more details ( What is cyber security? – NCSC.GOV.UK ).

Cyber Security Packages

Designed to meet your security needs focused on your IT environment, data and users, responding to the latest cyber security threats before they impact your business and more importantly your reputation. These are offered to you without any up-front investment.

Select the protection level that meets your needs from the Starter package through to an all-inclusive Enterprise level package. These can also be combined with our IT Support packages giving you a complete solution.

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Dark Web Monitoring
DNS Filtering
Enterprise-Class Firewall
Full Disaster Recovery
Managed Cloud Backup
Cyber Essentials Certification
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

    Select Your Cyber Security Package

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    Over 70% of all data breaches are due to internal vulnerabilities…

    Most organisations are focused on external threats with solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus solutions. You need to ensure you are protected from every angle by implementing the right solutions for your business.

    Penetration Testing

    An infrastructure penetration test, often shortened to pen testing, is a controlled cyber attack against a device or system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

    Depending on the environment and setup, pen testing is carried out at different levels starting from the premier of an organisation working through down to individual devices and prices of software.. This is to uncover vulnerabilities such as poorly configured firewalls to applications susceptible to code injection attacks.

    Speak to a specialist about our penetration testing services and have the confidence to know your business is safe.


    Working with you, we will ensure you comply with all required regulations including GDPR, FCA and EBA.

    We can even take you a step further and get you certified with Cyber Essentials /Cyber Essentials Plus.

    Why do our customers love what we do?

    What I like about this company is that they do not baffle us with technical talk and are very ethical in the way they work. They did not tie us into a long-term contract, and they do what they say. I can highly recommend them.

    John, Managing Director, Cambridgeshire Based Manufacturing Company