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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

The IT Support Group has a wealth of experience in analysing systems and processes and designing a plan to keep them operational. Our goal is to make the creation of this all-important BCP plan, a swift, painless and effective process.

Business continuity planning (BCP): Why do you need it?

Business Continuity Planning is a very sensible thing to do. Are your back-ups working?  Are there fail-safes and fallbacks? Planning for a disaster is a very good way to check that the everyday processes are all up to scratch.  If they are then your business continuity plan will be quick to design, implement and test. The IT Support Group are here to help you design, implement and review this critical strategy.

business continuity plan is a detailed strategy that outlines how your business can operate and quickly get back to full service after an unplanned disruption. It maps the many aspects of your business that may be affected by power outages, internet downtime, cyber attacks and equipment failure.  Knowing how to avoid a crisis and to build back quickly and effectively is essential for forward-thinking businesses.

Your business continuity plan (BCP) is a comprehensive document that will include a disaster recovery plan outlining how to rebuild temporary systems to support critical operations, whilst also putting in place a full recovery plan. Your business continuity plan can also assess or develop a cyber resilience strategy. This will seek to protect critical applications and data and defend against malicious attacks.

Protect your IT systems and secure your business’ future.

Disaster Recovery Testing

It is all well and good to have a Disaster Recovery Plan but regular testing of each step is essential. Our testing process will activate the DR drill, appraise the response and report back on the effectiveness of systems, tools, and procedures that protect your organisation from a natural or malicious calamity.

Cyber Security

These days we all store a large amount of personal data on our devices. We use our devices to browse the internet and access online services. It is of utmost importance to protect yourself and your organisation’s data as well as the data about other people, that you hold.

Penetration Testing

How much do you depend on your data?  In the interest of all stakeholders, operational, financial, customer and employee data has to be held securely.  Penetration testing is an effective way of assessing security issues, identifying flaws in hardware configurations and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

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